All The New Bro-Mon (UPDATED!)

Hello Sweezy community! I noticed people want to know what the new bro-mon are for every update, so here I will upload all of them here when I get them! This will be updated when I can every update! Thanks! (This info is from the last 2 updates bc they were so close together this time)

1: Splashy, a water droplet bro-mon made by me!

2: Ninjamaki, a Naruto inspired bro-mon made by @SophiaBeifong !

3: Chester, a Minecraft chest bro-mon made by @Super_Monkey !

4: MessMaker, a trash can bro-mon made by @cloud !

5: DigiPanda, a robot panda bro-mon made by me !

6: PainTyper, a scary search bar made by @NinjaLA !

7: InkBendemon, a bro-mon based off Bendy, made by @cyvie

8: YawnMallow, a marshmallow frog bro-mon made by @SophiaBeifong

9: ScribbLion, a scribble-lion made by @cloud

10: Blob, a slime blobfish bro-mon made by @cloud

11: NoiseMaster, a bro-mon that revolves around music and sound. Made by @Sebastian_Nino_Torre

12: HydrIce, a hydra-ice cream bro-mon made by @FluxTombo84

That’s all for the past updates, make sure to vote if this was helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

I made MessMaker :smiley:

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yup :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahh and I just lost to @SophiaBeifong’s invention because of the stupid wheel!

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oh no! The wheel is ruthless lol!

You can say that again.

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why does everyone have at least two bromon added :sob::sob::sob:

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This wheel is killing bro-mon game


it’s ok, just keep uploading ideas and they will get added! :slightly_smiling_face:

no they won’t :joy:

For real :face_vomiting:

with that attitude they wont! :slightly_smiling_face:

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