Bro-Mon computer wallpapers

sure, i’ll do it

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Screenshot 2024-06-30 18.43.57


Done! :white_check_mark:

i wanna see it

it is in the topic

bromon brothers wallpaper pls

i’ll do it

can you do a kingbara v2

I also will do a new version of catstrophe

@SophiaBeifong still waiting Bro-Mon brothers wallpaper

please be more patient

Screenshot 2024-07-08 19.15.18

Yay Ty

Thanks but just saying I waited for over a week

Ik but i have life I can’t spend all the time on the computer sorry

That’s ok :+1:

can i get bromon master

can you check my bromon suggetions if you have time

did you make the kingbara one yet

please wait
i’m getting crazy

Lol maybe close this for some days