Calango lettuce

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you can decide the rest lol

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About the idea: Its very cool, not in bro-mon style but @sweezy can do a good thing with that!

o pessoal da sweezy pode decidir kkk

kkkkk me esqueci q tu eh br kk

Aí aí, tava sem nada p/ fazer, então transformei a tua ideia num bro-mon de verdade kkk
(So, I was doing nothing… Why not make this idea a true bro-mon lol?)

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Name: Calango Lettuce

Catchphrase: "fighting and relaxing"

Description : When he’s not relaxing in some shade, Calango Lettuce fights insects for his survival (I mean, good eating!). If you see one, never try to steal your shorts, or they will scare you!

Apparance: A bipedal lizard that wears blue shorts and has a tattoo of the Yin and Yang symbol. Wear bandages on your arms and legs.

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eu tinha pego essa img da internet kkkk
se vcs n me verem mais saiba q eu fui preso por roubo de direitos autorais kkakakakkaa

kakaka dnd

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Achei q ele ficou engraçado kkk

eu tambem kkak

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mas valeuzão viu sophia
adorei kk

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Is this the enchanting table language? I’ve never seen it in action before…

We are brazillian so we talk our language

Hmmm… so they aren’t speaking enchanting table then…

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:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: