Flappy Bird Bro-mon [Added!]

Hello @sweezy :slight_smile:

Could you please add a Flappy Bird Bro-mon?

The rarity can be legendary.

The element is ‘FanFave’

The name is ‘Flappy-mon’

And the description:
‘This little monster never stops flapping, but don’t underestimate this little guy by its size, his pecks are powerful!’

Picture I made, you don’t have to use it XD

I love this plss add this @sweezy this would be so cool

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Thank you!

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@SWEEZY needs to add this right now @cloud

Thank you so much guys
@sweezy pls check this out

sweezy added it already

Yayyy!! I just saw today from my friend, he has it :slight_smile:


Nice catch!