[Game] Change 1 Word --500!--

So here is how you play:

  1. I will post 2 words, and the next person has to change one word and still have the 2 words join together in perfect sense. The next person has to do the same.

  2. For example, we start with ‘burnt tomatoes’, and you can change either ‘burnt’ or ‘tomatoes’. If you change burnt, you can change it into something like ‘red tomatoes’, or something else. Notice that everything makes sense.

Our starter word is ‘glowing lamp’.

yellow lamp

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My friend thought of ‘yellow banana’

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‘rotten banana’

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addoptted bamnnana

7 banna



9 cars

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red cars

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red apple

blue apple

blue crocodile

hungry crocodile

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fat crocodile

fat pig

fat doggy

cute doggy

annoying doggy

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annoying homework