[Game] Change 1 Word --500!--

new Bro-Mons

old Bro-Mons

Sonic bro mons

sonic sucks

Naruto sucks

Naruto Anime

I-don’t-watch anime
(Lol, surely that counts?)

Naruto Uchiha
(I think I-Dont-Watch is three words)

@SophiaBeifong Uchiha :cloud: :elephant: :red_circle: :cloud:

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nah that atatsuke mb

@SophiaBeifong cool

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@Catstrophe cool

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@Catstrophe best


I just noticed I haven’t gotten the give back badge yet oof just got 102 likes- womp womp


@TheBssimulator Best

dead uchiha

I-don’t-know uchiha

Uchiha sucks

naruto sucks