Hapi birthday to me :)

nah dont say that pls it a insult to me :frowning:

im korean pls dont assume my gender :slight_smile:

You’re still an awesome person no matter where you come from : )

my sister knows Korean and actually went to South Korea awhile ago, and I don’t judge off of others people’s home country, I hope u had a good bday

:slight_smile: thx

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Oh sorry,i just thought you are Chinese.But you are Korean.I usually wrong about who chinese who korean.But your birthday cake still look delicious.

:slight_smile: thx i ate it all nom nom

But if i want to eat a cake or something…I still need to wait until it’s December

Just only 5 months.Not actually long

XD happy early birthday


one of my favorite song is cadles

@TheBssimulator i have 3 friends who Korean :). My piano teacher also Korean

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He’s Korean I think (correct me if I’m wrong)

I’m a kid toooo

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yeah,he’s Korean
He already saying that