Kaiser's Bro Mon Guide πŸ˜€ (v1.45) (OUTDATED) click the link at the bottom for the wiki post I will not be editing this no more

take it back or im flagging you @sroffke

okay okay sorry I said that because monster dogday is the worst

kaiser can you update this?

in what way

all the new bromon!

like? which bro mons specifically cause i have every bro mon up to doug the mythical rn


have anyone got this

I got the snapghost and chimabunny too

Who dis

imm to rizze

i see i currently cannot edit the guide for some reason i have conatacted sweezy

@kaiser we need info


currentlythere is a new snapchat ghost bro mon a doug but icecream bro mon and breaoni was added

i have not caught the snapchat bro mon yet

@sweezy pls yamper cursor

There are 7 new Bro-mons!!!

yeah i realized but since my post is a month old i cannot edit it so im creating another post *same thing, but ill be adding the new bro mon on their but first i need acquire them :slight_smile: