Make a Blobfish Bro-mon [DONE]

I think it would be cool to make a Blobfish Bro-mon pls add my idea.
Name: Blobfishy
Description: “somethings fishy.”
Type: Fan-Fave or Wildify
Rarity: Rare
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Credit to @Super_monkey and @Jeekson

@sweezy You have to add this

yes you should

Yes is daa best

Omg i love the idea that amazingggg

Ooh that’s cute, I like it!

Please vote it if you like it :grinning:

I made a new one that’s a bloboritto because some people said it cant just be a normal blobfish.

Here is the link for blobborito

@sweezy Pls check this out.

@sweezy Best bro mon yet

Sweezy combined my Blob Bro-mon with yours, and it came out like this :sob:
My Bro-mon meant to be cute :frowning:

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