New Bro-Mon Idea! - StocksSpider

Name: StocksSpider
Idea: Its a spider but instead of normal spider legs, it has stocks going downwards. Its pretty hard to explain so I will supply images down below.
Description: (i was never good at coming up with this stuff)
Rarity: Rare
When Bro-Mon appears: Oh No! Stocks are crashing!!!
Design: vvvvvvvvv

Those would be the legs of the spider

Maybe this for the spider

This for the web the spider is hanging down from

@sweezy Good idea or Bad?

But sweezy, I know you will be able to give it your artistic twist to really make the bro-mon POP!


OHMYGOD I do the same thing too! THIS IS VERY GOOD.

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I like it :slight_smile:

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You are popping off bro

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