:grumpblob: Save My Poor Blob! [Redesigning!]

Make a cute one pls sweezy

Thank you


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Gotcha! :smile: Let’s sort this out.

We’ll stick with the grumpy-nosed version for now, but I’ll prod our designer to whip up a super cute Blob that will make everyone go aww! :pleading_face::sparkling_heart:

And we’ll rename this one to fit its grumpy vibe.


Sweezy see it.All done.Blob is happy

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that’s so nice sweezy!

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Can anyone send a picture of Blob now please.I want to see what it looks like now

two words green blob-fish

dont think @sweezy changed yet tho

I think tomorrow or someday they will done


@cloud told me it was supposed to be like a cute slime blob with big round eyes XD

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Yes, that was what it was MEANT to be :sob:

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Thank you!!

good on u for making that topic in the wild zone for that dude

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cursed :skull:

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haha yup