The new legendary/epic, PainTyper

Paintyper is a cybrrr bro-mon that is either an epic or a legendary. whenever it attacks, it shows on its screen how much damage it does. @sweezy please add this.
This is the photo
Screenshot 2024-05-14 2.46.02 PM

Plz answer this @sweezy , it is the best of my drawing skill :frowning:

give me an idea and i’ll ask my friends to draw it

well, the 2 o’s in Google would be the eyes and the search bar is the mouth that shows the damage that the bro-mon does. I will try to make up more later…

kk great job

Thanks bro

no problem

but an Idea make a bio for him like this:


add nice deataill

Name: PainTyper
Type: cybrrrrrr
Rarity: Epic or Legendary
Quote: “Types your doom!”
Description: Still deciding on it

dats cool u shud hav the description as “hiding in the keyboard waiting for you to touch the keys it will bite you and give you small amounts of pain the custom bro-mon PainTyper”

The quote would actually say “This man has PainGPT about installed!”

auto not about sry

good idea

i like it keep at it and sweezy will prolly accept it

Description: No more Google search for you! This man haunts your computer and types your DOOM. He watches screens all day and types out his damage as infinite!

oh, and @SophiaBeifong aren’t you the creator of “challenge for bro-mon fans”?
And everyone, thanks for supporting this bro-mon idea!

Yeah i am :wink:

PainTyper rework:

WOAH!!! That looks awesome!! but just one thing though…
the mouth is supposed to be the search bar.