A new bromon idea, Cartiler

Bromon name: Cartiler
(no art cuz im bad at drawing)

rarity: epic or rare
It has a rainbow looking cart and inside theres a small jelly tiler holding hammer and screw.( tiler means people who fix stuff)

description: it always flex its raindow cart to other Cartilers! It has never ever failed to fix a cart! If he fails to fix his cart, He will became sad.

Type:Wildfy or Cosmix


Insert rainbow colours in cart lol

Please comment guys!
its my first time making a new bromon, insane fan is Doug!!

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Hm! Good idea!

Making the cart rainbow might be hard tho… leme try

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What does Vote do?

When people vote for ur idea if enoguh people vote it gets into the game

Oh alright

I did it

Starting to draw

Btw what about the warrior chat?

Oh i cant find it i might have to make anoteher one lao my pen is broken so i cant draw

So sad btw I finish searead in 1 min


Amazing! Your ideas are fantastic, @Imnotrex112 !
(Im also a big fan of Doug!)

THANKS for supporting! It helps a lot

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leme draw it

thanks but i dont thik this is going up

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: