A quesstion for sweezy

uh the thing is my friends have told me there are specific good spawn areas for quicker spawns is there any and if so where are they

by the way others are allowed to ask questions

Nope, nonexistent although it might be added later check out my bro mon guide for more info.

No, in general, at the moment, on all sites there is an equal chance of meeting Bro-monsters.
But certain sites can block the extension from working. But as a rule, there are few of them.

Also, please be aware that, due to Google’s restrictions, our extension is not operational on certain pages, including the Chrome Web Store and internal browser pages like New Tab, Downloads, Bookmarks, History, and Settings. As a result, you will not encounter Bro-Mons on these pages.

Bro-Mons can appear on almost any other website, offering equal opportunity for encounters across the web.

I know that I’m just asking about now