About the Creative Corner category

Welcome to the Creative Corner :art:, where your creativity is king (or queen) :crown:!

This forum category is a place to showcase your latest and greatest creations :star_struck:, from masterful paintings :framed_picture: to questionable crafts :crazy_face: and everything in between.

You can send here:

  1. Your custom cursor designs
  2. Your doodle designs
  3. Your other creations

And hey, if your creation is good enough, we might even feature it on our website :globe_with_meridians: - but no pressure! So come on in, let your inner artist (or mad scientist) run wild :crazy_face:, and let’s make some masterpieces together! :tada:

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yoyo that so cool and i am a youtube its cash

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yo im so happy to make some cusors so sweezy LETS MAKE ART​:tada::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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i would make a emogi group :grinning: :crazy_face: like this but put a triangle at its left ill show u things sooner

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:dragon: :dragon_face: :rooster: :chicken: :cow2: :cow: :rice_ball: :rice_cracker: :fondue: :hamburger: like these

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mix them ( if u want to )

hi vaka

hello :anguished: