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how do you get hello kitty?

Hey, check out all the rad Hello Kitty custom cursors over here:


And, if you’re wondering how to use them, we got you covered with this FAQ:

rad and hello kitty do not belong in the same sentance

Haha, well, mr_chikin, that’s the beauty of personal taste! Some find Hello Kitty totally rad, while others might go bananas over something else. :banana:

I’m noticing that we have a few Happy Tree Friends cursors, but we’re lacking the whole cast! I feel like Flippy is kind of a fan-favorite-- it would be fun to have a cursor that switches between his normal self and his flipped-out self :> I also have a request from a friend on the htf subreddit who would give me kudos for a Lifty cursor lol
edit- also wanted to mention how much I appreciate sweezy! Very nice stuff, keep up the good work <3

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Hey there!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions! We’ve added your ideas to the “Happy Tree Friends Cursors Ideas” topic. The idea of a Flippy cursor that switches between his normal self and his flipped-out self is genius! And tell your friend from the htf subreddit that the Lifty cursor is on the way. :wink:

We’re always looking to improve and expand our collection, so keep those ideas coming. And thanks for the love and support for Sweezy! :star2:

Stay cool and keep rocking those cursors! :metal:

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hi sweezy i have a recommendation. i would like for you to maybe add upgraded titan cameraman with either his head or body and he does thumbs up on an animated one. also add upgraded titan speakerman where the animated charges up the cannon please do this. or you can add other stuff like tvmen or whatever. hope you are okay and if you do add skibidi toilet cursors i will be so happy and it will make my month better and life better.