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Punchy. Punchy is the fist on the attack button. although his color may be noticeable u never know when or where he is in fact he could be on the screen right now!

Punchy loves to punch things. He has a HUGE punch that does a lot of damage but he doesnt have much health.

He is a fist with googly eyes and he has the ability to lifth things up with his pinky. Even the heaviest of things Punchy can lift. In fact he should probably be a mover!

eyes.eyes is a pair of eyes that see you.he does around 5-15 damage and 40 health

So Rhythm is basically a Spotify monster i think that it sending out sound waves would be cool and I think it should be epic and its stats should be not that good but not that bad and its attack be a little bit higher than its health.

Its aperients it’s round and is a bat-like creature it has three eyes which are its three lines from the Spotify logo it has two fangs and a wide smile also is suspended by sound waves and has a pair of wings

twich icon with arms and legs

Maybe something anime related but mostly one piece like a fire donut

Name: Rock’n Doll
Rarity: Uncommon
Description: This doll is not just a doll! This doll is here to be rocking and be rollin for the cyber community. Her mind is always rocking around! Be ready to Rock’n Doll!
Type: Iconix

Name: ThumbDrive Threader
Rarity: Rare
Description: A popular video that people just cant help but click on! He got annoyed of all this fame and all of the people clicking on him so he decided to live the easy life, he gathered up his likes and started on the road to the outer parts of the internet.
Type: Webby

mine is a kaiju type based thing its called bearoni its a big bear with spikes along its back and it stands on two legs the spikes are pizza spike and his two eyes are pepperoni and has a long sloth like tail which has a Raman noodle wrapped around it with big fluffy fur he is a legendary and his type is foodie I think that’s what there called he has 48 health and he has sharp black claws that have meat balls at the tips he has big fluffy bear ears that are outlined with pizza crust let me know if u use this it took a while to come up with lol

forgot to mention he does about 9 to 17 damage

A epic axolotl that does water attack?

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