Add Abilities to Bro-mon!

@sweezy @kaiser @cyvie @D_ng_Thai_An_Pro @daniel_chen
Please add abilities to the game! Abilities are stronger attacks that can buff your Bro-mon or weaken the opponent, or just do more damage. Abilities take up one turn, so you cannot attack and use your ability in the same turn. Abilities are unique to each Bro-mon, so no Bro-mon should have the same ability. The wild or opposing Bro-mon should have an ability too.

Abilities can also only be used once per match.
I created a picture demonstrating this!

Lol I spent wayyyy too long on canva.

Wow! Thisw idea is awesome! with my EVOLVING idea, and your abilities idea, this game would be so cool! nice idea!


i dont think im op

to clarify out of all the people you pinged everyone is a member but sweezy and i kinda count as a moderator

Please make it

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sound super cool

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Thank you so much everyone I really hope abilities get added :smiley:

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@sweezy pls add abilities the game will be so much more fun!

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

that would be so good

thanks guys :smiley:

all good

@sweezy please see this

pokemon XD

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@sweezy YEA!!!

Bro this is the best idea ever of the week/year

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plz pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

id assume only reason sweezy has not seen this so far is because of being busy working on the updates

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