Add one more character to the Digital circus pack!

Gummigoo deserves a spot in the Sweezy Cursors’ Amazing Digital Circus pack, thanks to his memorable role in episode two.


who is gummigoo? he is in tadc episode 2? because I didn’t watch it.

yeah I agree who is gummigoo

and maybe pomni was kaufmos replacement

hheeelll noooo ipad kid

just because something was released in 2023/2024 it doesnt mean it could be alpha generation or something like that,there is people who like it,people who dont,but what matters is your own opinion,if you like it,ok,you dont need to make more people like it,if you dont like it,then ok,you dont need to tell them to grow up or something similar,people have opinions,im just saying so it doesnt get worse,there might be a chance from these kind of people be destroying the sweezy community,so remember: everyone has opinions.

i can delete the comment if you’d like,but send message in general with my @ so i can know you want me to.

sorry bro my bad bruh

Its fine