All New Bro Mon

Monster Catnap (mythic)
Monster Dogdat (epic)
Hissing Hat(rare)
Screenshot 2024-04-16 162032

I got the hissing hat!!!

kai (is your okay with me calling you dat ) do you think they added kickin chiken

No they have not added it :frowning:

I thought they did already? Or was that the cursor?

yhea it was the coursor ssaddly

no it wasn’t my freind encouter monster catnap but he lost

they did add the new bro mon

what new one

the smiling critters 2 of them

oh yeah

why is every one obsed with them


Because they happen to be labeled Rare and Mythical or something along those lines so they happen to be very powerful…and Catnap is so cool looking and very powerful so everyone REALLLLY wants them…including me