Another new construct bro-mon!

Name: Pro-IV-Gob
Description: The name is short for Prototype-IV-Goblin, friend of the Bastion and other prototypes, this menacing construct hunts beasts in the depths such as chrome T-rexes in squads, it’s large ears allow it to detect and hear movement, so all should beware these dangerous hunters.
Type: Cybrr
Rarity/Crush lv: Rare
Special abilities: Keen eye, Defiant

i don’t like it

OMG bro… but did you atleast like the bastion??

it looks like a portal charcert


why hasn’t @sweezy seen this either???

Also they might as well add 1v1 in bro mon

auto bro new bromon idea gamer bromon like a creature and a screen like playing Fortnite or something


the monster looks cool. I like it!

it’s not cool bro



Awesome, I like this bro-monster; it’s totally in the style of a Bastion. Together, I think they’ll set their own style and trend in the Cybrr type category. Also love your descriptions.

There could also be a new type called stellar type, a kind that arrived from the stars above and into the bro-verse :fire::fire::fire: