Bearoni bro monster Idea

mine is a kaiju type based thing its called bearoni its a big bear with spikes along its back and it stands on two legs the spikes are pizza spike and his two eyes are pepperoni and has a long sloth like tail which has a Raman noodle wrapped around it with big fluffy fur he is a legendary and his type is foodie I think that’s what there called he has 48 health and he has sharp black claws that have meat balls at the tips he has big fluffy bear ears that are outlined with pizza crust let me know if u use this it took a while to come up with lol he does 9 to 17 damage btw

I’m working on a picture soon

Cool idea. By the way, our designer has already chosen this idea for work. Therefore, perhaps she is also already working on his design.

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wait you mean shes working on my bearoni? like putting my idea in the game


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sorry I have not been on for so long any updates on bearoni

Soon. It is already ready for publication along with new updates, I think this week it will already be in the game

yay thank you

any new updates

i just got it!