Best Mecha Anime Concepts

u mabey i dont have time

and dont have my art pad

lets be friends

my students say am on the first or second place for drawing


I pick both even though I saw cyvie dragon art is worse than mine and means that I know am better than him at art I still pick both because we should treat peoples skill the same.

Wait I found out cyvie is using a drawing tablet. Sorry that is considered cheating. You have to use paper to draw no drawing tablet because it means cheating

I said I DONT have my tablet

oi I letirily drew that in 1 min I could have used tiimme to my side humppp

cuz y’all copy me

USE SKILL! You have to and sorry for you poor tablet


Im unsurw what this meanss… But i see the words “post art”… so as a young artist in middleschool… I’d like to share my art!!!

(I draw cats + anthro! )

(And the occasional roblox avatars (i can’t draw hair.))

Hair is easy to draw for me

Screenshot 2024-05-13 16.17.33
hehe my friend

Nice characters @Swacc, but I meant mecha-Anime character concepts. Like Gundam or Evangelion.

sup your welcome here no matter your style

Its very good I like it