Best Mecha Anime Concepts

Post Images or art of a character or Mech, maybe even as concepts for a Bro-mon or just to show off how hardcore you are!

I’m not a dev or anything so don’t try asking me to add whatever as a bro-mon! :sweat_smile:

um ok

Screenshot 2024-04-29 16.59.21

who knew an 10 year old kid can draw this

legs to short and glasses dont fit like that +the porpottions are way off

will at least am a better at art than you

If you say so then make your own drawing of a boy

If you don’t then I think you’re are bad at drawing so proof it

gimme a min

Will to be honest I actually still like you dragon art even though you say it sucks I still like it. Am a kind person

i am just here to spot out things you can improve on not to critisize

um but am one of the top class artist

Can I just see your drawing

I just want to see your drawing

gime a ssec this takes time

okay actualy i give im in school i cannt without getting in trouble u win gg

No we both win


But who’s a better artist. tell me pls