Bro Mon: Chickiluxe

Bro Mon: Chickiluxe


  • type: foodie

  • description: a graceful and noble creature that resembles a well-dressed chicken, embodying the essence of high-quality, delicious meals with a touch of heavenly charm. chickiluxe is known for its impeccable manners and its ability to bring peace and joy wherever it goes.

  • appearance: chickiluxe has a smooth, feathered body that glows with a soft, golden light. it wears a small, elegant bowtie and has wings that sparkle with divine energy. its eyes are bright and kind, and its beak is perfectly shaped for pecking out the best seeds.

  • catchphrase: “blessed and dressed!”

rarity is also epic or legendary


This is very nice, if only you had an image.

I love it

Nice pixel art (it’s AI i noticed)