Bro-Mon extension suddenly stopped working

As the title says, myself and other players are encountering this issue. When I started playing this, I always got 3 to 5 Bro-Mons a day.
For some unknown reason, the game has stopped working at all.
There has been SEVERAL DAYS without a single bro-mon spawning. I’m navigating a lot on different webs and pages that worked before and even tried new webs to get some spawns. As I said, not a single one is spawning for me for several days now. I know more players encountering this situation.
The game is unplayable right now as it is and I’m not even thinking about reinstalling it because I don’t want to lose all of my progress and Bro-Mons.


I just happened to encounter a dialogue floating in my screen…
That’s the same dialogue Bro-Mons say when not clicking on them for awhile HOWEVER, there was no Bro-Mon.
Seems like the bug makes Bro-Mons invisible AND UNABLE TO CLICK on them.

I can now fully state that the game is severely bugged and cannot be played.

Bro i think it’s the 1.33 patch…

Nope, I’m not on that patch, I checked and it was 1.51 or something similar, it was 1.5 something

@sweezy said it’s a bug that is shows 1.5 but we are actually in the current 1.32 patch

The extension shows it that way but we are in the 1.32 one

me too

im not able to find any bro mons at all its been over 92 hours

Don’t worry guys, the devs are already busy cooking up solutions for this bug! Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

i finally found one after 116 hours

I feel like he is the one that get the most bugs

Bromon was officially fixed yesterday.

ya 2 in a row within a 1 minute duration

That’s what happened to me