Bro Mon Gifs PFPS or Other

Ench Frog:
Orb Chrome:
Flappy Bird:
Firewall Fenrir:
Emoji Golem:
These are all the legendaries, tell me which other bro mon i can do or which category ,there are only 2 bro mons I can’t do Bearoni and the new mythical because I don’t have them yet. but any other feel free to ask!
@donovan wants Bro Mon:
And @SophiaBeifong wanted Doug and Cloudphant:

can you do bro mon?

Doug and Cloudphant

Ok bet


I have the mythical can you tell me how to bring it to sweezy???

wdym bring it to sweezy

like upload the gif

how would I do it

ok so im going to make a video showing how to make a video into a gif
here’s the video but you cant pause it because its a gif , since it doesn’t let me add videos

do BrrBlaze and Catnap?

crafty corn and bubbaphant

Brrrblaze is the only on i cant do because I don’t have him but I will do it when I get him don’t worry

ok sure gimme a second

For some reasons it dosent let me edit it so I cant add anything , I think I will have to make a new topic and copy everything

do any of you guys know how to fix this problem

Also heres my other idea so if you want you can check New Bro Mon Idea Blobby one of my best