Bro-Mon Idea - Bro-Ke-Rocket

Name: Bro-Ke-Rocket
Idea: “This Bro-Mon’s blasting off again!”
Crush: Legendary
Type: Oddballz :crystal_ball:
Description: Long ago, this was the only method of catching Bro-Mon. With a Bro-Ke-Rocket, Sweezians were able to capture lurking Bro-Mon. This tactic has now been scrapped, and Bro-Ke-Rockets have been hiding ever since.
Screenshot 2024-06-30 10.46.50


But isnt that a pokemon

This Bro-Mon is based off of a Pokéball, it is not a Pokémon.

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Change “Sweezians” to “people” when making this, I just don’t think it would be good to add a Bro-Mon suggestion into the description.

U can just edit the post

There is a 1-day limit for editing posts, so I’m afraid I can’t edit it anymore.


no there isn’t it’s like 30 days