Bro Mon Idea: Fire-Eye Dragon

We need more dragon bro mons. Like an all black dragon with glowing eyes or sum. I just like the concept of this. I currently don’t have ANY dragon Bro Mon. So if you do add this, I would hope this can be one of the first dragon bro Mon I Approach , PS it could be called FIerce-Flame. If this is too hard, you can make like an Icey Dragon called Ice-arctica. It’s a second concept but I would be happy if any of them were made. These can both be epic or legendary @sweezy

Please reply to this when you have made it. I would really appreciate my own custom bro Mon:)))

Nice I will vote

thanks bro!!

Your welcome:)

I will vote to.

I mean we already have two

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Okay hear me out, if you like dragons so much go check out my other idea: (New Bro-Mon!) - HydrIce -

And vote on it too, it has 16 votes already!
I really think this will get added with the rising popularity.

this is so cool

@FluxTombo84 please no self advertisement, and this person actually voted for yours because they thought you voted for theirs, which you didn’t. But either way you shouldn’t bombard the sweezy community page with things like this, and I have also noticed you are spamming in your bro-mon ideas to keep them at the top of the page, which you also shouldn’t be doing. No idea is more important than another, and everyones ideas have the same rights, which is why you shouldn’t push others down to bring yours higher. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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great idea i will vote

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…Wait so I’M the evil one here???

also i already voted i forgor :skull_and_crossbones:

who said he was knocking people down he was just suggesting it! besides others do it all time so why is this different!

i never said you were evil

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i just dont think its fair and other people doing it doesnt justify his actions

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and when i saw others doing it i pulled them up on it, so i dont think im being unfair

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I agree with @3o4z

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I actually put the time into thinking of this. It’s not free advertisement. But please, I did think your post was cool. So please don’t think i’m mad at you @FluxTombo84