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instead of posting a bunch of posts how about one that you guys can reply to with you ideas heres the reccomended use format:
Design (optional):

:sparkles::+1: nice recommendation

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Name: Pygmy
Idea: A man who is a bartender with half of him being human and other half being a fish.
Description: A Bartender who’s just doing his job, but beware if you anger him it wont go to well.
Design: TBD

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yes this is helpfull to figure out because some people just put it in one sentence its helpfull for @sweezy @BigB

@sweezy Pls consider this Bro-Mon idea.
Name: Borzoi-Pizza
Idea: A borzoi dog with a pizza slice for a head and pepperoni slices for eyes and olives for it’s smile.
Description: The dog will spawn by coming out of an oven and upon defeat will have the cheese on it’s face slightly melt.