Bro Mon Idea's and Enhancement idea's (anyone can add there own ideas) (Mega thread)

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Bro Mon Idea Format

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Enhancement Idea Format


Enhancement Ideas

Ranking from simplest to complexist

  1. Name: Be Able to set a username
    Explanation: There isn’t need to do anything yet just a name would be nice
  2. Name: Nicknaming Bro Mon
    Explanation: it would be like “Nickname” and under it the bro mons real name
  3. Name: multiple companions
    Explanation: when there are rarer and harder-to-beat bro mons.
  4. Explanation: When you hover over an undiscovered bro mon and click it should open a lil ui with some information on it not exposing it fully though
  5. Explanation: Skin’s for bro mons to spice the fight up.

Bro Mon Idea’s

Name: ZoUsE
Description: a gaming mouse with 3 mice heads 1 for left click 1 for right click 1 for scroll key all with their own visible personality!
Description in art: To Do
Type: Decided by Community
Rarity: Rare

Name: BeeBot
Description: An armored bee ready for battle always wanting to save his friends
Design in words a robot ladybug but it is a bee and it has drill or saber hands
Design in art FYI it is AI made
Screenshot 2024-04-18 10.32.07 AM
Type: Idk
Rarity: Epic

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