Bro-Mon Spawn Rate are more problematic than I thought

Thanks for letting me know.
We’ll keep an eye on your question and try to figure out what might be causing the problem. If there are any updates, I’ll let you know right away. Today, I submitted the new version of the extension for moderation on Google. While I can’t say for sure if there are specific fixes for your case, we did make some adjustments. Hopefully, things will improve with version 1.6.0.

I’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Thank you, I really really hope just updating fixes whatever causes this.
And of course, let me know if I can provide you any further information about my device or anything that might help identify what is causing the problem to me and other players, thank you sweezy :raised_hands:

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The thing is, as you capture more common Bro-Mons, the rarer ones like Epic, Legendary, and Mythical become less frequent. These Bro-Mons don’t appear as often as the simpler ones, so the game slows down a bit as you get closer to catching them all.

However, in the new version that’s currently under review by Google, we’ve made some changes that should increase the spawn rate of Bro-Mons. Additionally, we’re regularly developing and adding new monsters, which will also affect their frequency of appearance.

Absolutely! If you happen to notice or discover anything, as always, feel free to reach out to me. It could definitely help us pinpoint the issue faster.

Let’s hope that this will work for you in the new version. And if additional technical information is required from you, I will write.
Thanks to you too, keep in touch.

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Things I have noticed

  • As you get more Bro-Mon, you get less of a spawn rate.
    Ideas for why this happens.
    It does a random spawn for a Bro-Mon, and if it is a dupe, it doesn’t spawn
    Or just rarer bromon take longer to spawn.

They have started to spawn a lot less. Im at 21 bro-mon and I got yesterday, first day I got 7

Well, the version has been updated, I have not used adblocker, I have my chrome updated and the issue is still going on.
The spawn rate increase has not solved anything, it’s already been another long 12 hours of searching on several places and no matter what, the game is still broken.
I’m desperate at this point, I’m sadly thinking about leaving the community and just deleting the game at this point cause there’s no way of fixing this.
My friends are still experiencing the same situation and I believe other players too.
Honestly, I don’t know what to try even more so I might just surrender unless you have any other possible solution.

I even uninstalled the game from my secondary account to see if anything would change reinstalling but… Nothing, the bug is still there, nothing appears not even at the beginning. The game is unplayable for several people yet @sweezy

That’s great to know, thank you, @sweezy!

I don’t seem to be experiencing this problem. I just caught a Frosty Buddy, and a GalatiPanda earlier today.

yeah bro Mon are still invisible

I thought @sweezy fixed it already?