Bro-Mon Spawn Rate are more problematic than I thought

So… Me and my friend started playing 3 to 4 days ago. At first, the spawn rate was alright, spawning every 20 minutes or 30 as it was the start of the game.
Now, however, I have 18 Bro-Mons and the spawn rate is nearly non existant.
It’s been more than 10 hours since I last saw a Bro-Mon, which escaped. I’ve clicked A LOT of webs and different pages and none will spawn. I’ve gotten 0 Bro-Mons today and they don’t seem to appear anymore for some reason. This happens to both me and my friend.
I know a lot of people are requesting this, but I believe a full insight on the grand amount of hours that pass before we can even glance anything is important to discuss. It really feels like we ain’t even playing at all.
I believe sweezy has already announced better spawn rates in development, but I just wan to add that this thing is very concerning and doesn’t allow us to play, this should be addressed as quickly as possible on the next update.
Thanks in advance and please share your own player experience on the comments below, let’s see how many hours have passed for each player.

Hey there! It does seem strange that you haven’t spotted any Bro-Mons for such a long time, especially considering you haven’t even collected half of them yet. They should definitely be appearing more frequently. However, there are several factors that could be affecting this, so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for your situation.

Anyway, here are some recommendations to understand the logic behind Bro-Mon appearances:

  1. There are cooldown timers after battles with monsters.
  2. There’s also a user activity counter, which tracks how many web pages you’ve visited before a Bro-Mon appears.
  3. Additionally, monsters won’t appear on certain pages like the Chrome Store and internal browser pages such as New Tab, Downloads, History, Settings, etc. This activity doesn’t count toward the counter.
  4. Perhaps you’re mainly visiting sites that block the functionality of the Bro-Mon extension, which could also affect monster appearances.

In any case, we’ll look into making it more fun and giving users the chance to encounter monsters more frequently.

I’m eager to hear from you about how the overall situation with catching Bro-Mons is going for you now!

Hi sweezy. It’s been more than 2 days without a single one spawning.
I’m already knew about all those tips you gave me, I’ve been searching on Reddit, Amazon, Pinterest and many other pages that always worked when I started playing. It just suddenly stopped at all.
I also opened a bug report about this because I literally cannot play anymore now. I don’t want to reinstall and lose my collection, do you know what could be happening or how to solve it? I’m not the only player that has been more than 2 days without getting a single bro-mon to spawn.

I’ll definitely speak with our developer to see if there were any recent updates that could have caused this. It’s strange because I’ve been playing Bro-Mon regularly myself, and I actually caught a new one today. So, personally, I haven’t encountered such problems.

Nevertheless, we’ll discuss this internally, run some tests, and get back to you with an update. In the meantime, please keep me posted if there are any updates on your end. Maybe a Bro-Mon will appear or something else.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll be in touch soon!

I will tell you if something appears yes, I just want to let you know I actually had one single interaction in these 2 days and a half.
Last night, I saw a dialogue text box spawn in YouTube, which was a Bro-Mon text box. However, the Bro-Mon wasn’t there, it was like… Invisible. I started clicking all around the dialogue text box and nothing happened, so I have no idea at all. Either if they’re invisible or not, it’s the only thing I’ve seen and I couldn’t even click on it, so basically it is like nothing anyways. Still, I’ll let you know this in case it helps.

It seems like something may have interfered with loading the Bro-Mon sprites. Perhaps you’re using specific extensions, ad blockers, or something similar? They might have prevented the Bro-Mon images from loading properly. Although it’s unlikely, it’s worth considering. Have you installed any new extensions recently that could affect the Bro-Mon game? If so, you could try temporarily disabling them to see if it affects the appearance of the monsters.

Thanks, if anything happens, be sure to write to me here with all your observations and updates. Just as I promised, I will also discuss possible reasons with the developer, and we will try to find a solution.

sweezy, i disabled all of my extensions except the bro-mon one.

Sweezy, I can ensure it is not due to adblocker for 2 reasons:

  1. I used adblocker at the beginning and it still worked perfectly
  2. I have it disabled and still don’t appear.

Status Update:
It’s been 3 days and a half without a Bro-Mon

Try new pages and also you gotta be searching for more then an hour ussally so if you just have it open and are doing something else that won’t either

The interference is not necessaryly just extensions it could be cause by other stuff but if you don’t have many bro mon try uninstalling reinstalling😆

Man, I already said I’ve been 3 days non stop searching on a lot of pages. I also tried on other computer devices and doesn’t work either. My friend is encountering the same situation.
Tried pinterest, wikipedia, youtube, reddit, twitter, amazon, random pages in general. Nothing works. By the way, I tried reinstalling in a device where I have a secondary account with very little bro-mons and guess what, NONE spawned at the beginning.
I’m 100% sure this is not a problem of my device or the pages where I search. Trust me, I began playing the game and never had this issues, it happened suddenly, no matter the hours or days that I spend searching for them or how many webs I visit, this is definitely a bug kaiser. Some players have it and some others don’t.

k no idea then


Status update. Another random dialogue box spawned and I clicked on it this time. This appeared and nothing else happens:

Just an empty box of battle. Bro-Mons either don’t appear or directly go invisible.

Hmm, that sounds really frustrating. I’ve looked into how it works on your end, and it seems like something might be blocking the game’s image loading. We’ve tested it on various devices, and everything seems to be working fine.

Honestly, I’m a bit stumped as to why this is happening to you. Could you let me know what operating system you’re using and which browser you’re on? If it’s Chrome, is it updated to the latest version?

I’m using chrome yes, lemme see if I can manually update chrome. I’m doing it right now, I’ll let you know whatever happens next.
Still, just want to remind you this issue is not only happening to me, but a lot of users including friends of mine, if updating chrome works I’ll let my friends know.

There we go, it wasn’t updated, let’s see if that changed anything :raised_hands:

Ok sweezy, just updated chrome and didn’t work, I just saw another one of those floating dialogue boxes without a bro-mon.
As I said, this is not something of mine blocking the sprites, I haven’t installed anything at all. It always worked and suddenly stopped. It’s gotta be something with the game code if more people are getting involved in it…

Same thing happened to me, i couldn’t fight a bro mon.

Same, I have 39 Bro-mons and i have to wait hours before a Bro-mon spawns.