Errors/bugs for @sweezy to see them

Ok the game is literally breaking frfr, SWEEZY WE NEED THE 1.33 PATCH NOWWWWW!!!
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Errors mentioned:

Bro Mon Battle Not opening - #9 by sweezy
Bro mon battle does not appear, therefore not being able to catch mons

My complaint: Bro mon does not work in offline (i dont blame that tho)

Bro mon problem in the starting page: The bro-mon from the starting page did not spawn what happened
Ok this is literally unfair asf :sob: :sob: :sob: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Spawn rate (probably serious bug) problem: Bro-Mon Spawn Rate are more problematic than I thought You saw this but i wanted to point it out.

Ok, thanks for gathering all this in one place for me.

I’ve seen these notes, and we’ll definitely look into what’s causing them and what we can do.

Consider that bro mon is not a extension worked on by 500 workers with a 100million dollar budget expect bugs. still tho thanks for bringing attention to them keep up the good work!