Bro-mon Spawn Rate Still Too Low!

Every time I get a new Bro-mon, I always have to wait hours until I get a Bro-mon. It’s not just me who’s complaining, almost everyone has done so. @sweezy PLEASE increase it a bit more, or people will just lose interest and drop out, and I really don’t want that to happen.

its fine to me i got 7 bro mon yesterday!

I just got Viral Viper :slight_smile:

same i think yesterday was a bromon marothon


I have to agree, the fact that there is no limit is cool, but how can it be that I reach home after 6 hours being out and I’ve been searching bro-mons for 20 minutes and didn’t get one???
I would even argue the spawn rate is worse than before, just without the limit per day

I agree

Not to pick on anyone but @kaiser did somewhat explain how it works it in his guide. I also find reloading a single tab is a good way to find a few.

Another thought is making a random daily Mon since I guaranty you get one, with the cost of it being random

Well, it doesn’t really matter now because I have every Bro-mon.