Bro Mon vote idea

my brother really likes the bro mon game and he gave me this great idea. he said we should have a bro Mon monster vote there should be 4 to pick from

this must be a thing

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we must summon the swezzy devs

Hey, thanks for sharing your brother’s idea! We actually have a voting system for each post with ideas for new Bro-Monsters. So, in a way, it already works similarly to what you’re suggesting.

However, if there’s a different approach you had in mind, feel free to share more details, and we can explore how to integrate it into the game!



he’s implying it be like the minecraft mob vote. also if this vote does happen we’re would it take place

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yeah that seems fair

look it may seem like I’m doing that but I’m really trying to give ideas because i want to be a sweezy dev

Oh ok, this is interesting

Hopefully it doesn’t end up like mob vote 2023 were everyone is boycotting it if it happens