Bro-mon Wheel too Overpowered!

You guys realise the wheel you sometimes have to spin when you battle another Bro-mon? Well, this happened to my friend:
Him: Epic
Wild Bro-mon: Rare

The picture says it all.
I mean, 61 health?! That’s ridiculous! That’s more than a mythical!
@sweezy please either remove the wheel of debuff it. It’s too OP!!!

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Yeah man same the wheels buffs r soo strong, my friend lucky he got 3 no buffs on wheel and is this a new update? maybe make the wheel a little weaker pls @sweezy

ye thats sad

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My friend was using a mythic and lost to an epic because it had dodgy. But i kind of like the twist of where it doesnt matter what rarity the other bro mon is, because if you have a mythic the game becomes easy.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll definitely consider reducing the frequency of the Wheel of Fortune.

Also, just between us, we’re thinking about implementing buffs for your own Bro-mon too. This way, the wheel won’t just work against you in battles, but it’ll also give you the chance to power up your companion monster.

Stay tuned for more updates!


I am luck I got no buff in one of my battles

Ah… I wish I had the same luck


When the update first came out I got 2 right away and haven’t seen any since

its hard and makes the game at least more fun bc it will boring being the only thing you can do in bro mon

yes I agree because when you get a mythic early on your bro mon advernture, the game is not much fun anymore

bro dapper squid destroyed catstrophe