Bromaxxed pokemon

lets make godzila a bro mon and make it a godly level and make it 100 hp

  • superpaul007

Regarding this idea… there could be special nests encountered througout the browsers.
These could be like the dynamaxed pokemon dens on pokemon sword and shield, and these BROMAXED bro-mons could have a special kind of relic allowing them to transform for a short amount of time and deliver a very powerful attack, also these nests could bring you to a website where you can search for players who want to catch the BROMAXED bro-mon!

Example: Bromaxed TeaTrunk

that was crazy bro
that mythic bro mons like:catnap,bro mon and catstophe are 52 hp

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wdym? is it too powerful?

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like dis
bro maxed bro-mon

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why ya’ll be drawing like that lmao

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I don’t have my art tablet at the moment


ahhh makes sense…was just confused…a lot of people do art nowadays and it looks really good you seem artsy no lie…but than again that pic wasnt so bad so sorry if I was rude :sweat_smile:

no its true its really bad for me :relieved:

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But only for certain mons actually!

That’s tea tusk

That looks exactly like bro mon

Dude, you play too much pokemon SWSH