Bromon quiz can you answer them correctly

ok here’s the deal I’ll put up a poll every week you guys will guess and I’ll see the winners

1.whats the rarest crush

  • rare
  • uncommon
  • epic
  • common
  • mythic
  • legendary
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that’s sooooo easy now for or next one

emoji golem has 5 emojis

  • true
  • false
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what’s the bromon that has one eye ands orange

  • bromon
  • taco turtle
  • emojigolem
  • catnap
  • dogday
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see you next week
answers will be placed at the top of next weeks

I love it!

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next is harder I didn’t think well


I suck at this

you’ll get better



I’m bored time for another quiz @everyone

Is bromon the best extension ever!!!

  • Yes
  • No
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Next how many mythicals are there

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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Final and hard one
How many comics are ther

  • 23
  • 12
  • 55
  • 67
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Answers to the first one
Hope you won

not comics cosmics

wait what are the mythical again, I accidentally put 5 and feel dumb

the crush