Bromons wont appear or are invisible as I have seen a message pop up on the screen once

I was just grinding bromon with tabs and its been 30 minutes and i havent found one, when for the past 4 days doing this method i have found atleast 1 every minute! Please get back to me on how to fix this thanks

first of all: Welcome to the community!
Bro-mons are programed to pop on the screen, i don’t know why this glitch happens to many people. i also know that bro-mon is a game about patience, but sometimes they HARDLY HARDLY ever spawn. For me, i find one bro-mon or two per day…
I hope that @sweezy can fix your bug :wink:

But i was tab farming and probabably opened around 400 also ty

fr blud


I tried playing on a new account and it works perfectly fine, i think it is a bug with my main google account!

if you have wallpaper extensions delete those I think it helped or ask @GOD

nah i dont have any

or it can be that you have toi many extetions

Hey, I haven’t found a difference so far but if i find a bromon I will post it on here