Bug Found! Got multiple bro-mon when first downloaded!

When I first downloaded Bro-mon I got my first Bro-mon then when I reloaded the page quickly another one appeared, leaving me with 2 bro-mons! lol

it does that

I think?

uninstall rn

then do what i said

nah I got all of my bro-mons
Screenshot 2024-05-07 9.52.45 AM


me to!

yas quenn

uhhhhh ok then

ima full box 200 no scope you

nah me push you

download (1)
you can’t ima elite

there’s nothing I can do

full boxed little timmys lost more lost then Amelia Earhart in da Bermuda Triangle, more lost then hellen keller trying to read, no family no friends go back to Minecraft you anime furry. lol


bros mom prob dosent let little timmy to play fortnite

full peiced
images (6)


nah actually here’s my rank