Caught two of the same bromon

I caught two of the same bromon because I found them both on different tabs and now I can’t find any more bromons. I think it broke my game.

Nah its just that they spawn with a late spawn rate

ive caught 2 too

Oh no, sorry to hear that! :disappointed_relieved:

Did the extension reset after this happened, leaving only the Burger-Turtle in your monster collection?

We’ll take note of this and try to come up with a solution to prevent such errors in the future.

Update: I just reproduced the capture of identical monsters on different tabs. And it doesn’t break the extension collection.
As far as I remember, we had a code to ensure that this did not break the monsters collection. Although there will only be one monster left, the unique one.

Next time you see a dublicate, just fight one and let the other one run away.

they multiplied and then teamed up to break your bromon