Comment down below if you have tips on getting the legendary Firewall Fenir!

apple :slight_smile:

you shouuld use orb chrome or monster dog day

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Are you guys warrior cats fans?
I want some friends.:sweat_smile:

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There’s no tips, it’s just luck.

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The Bro-mon you use makes no difference, it’s just lucky or unlucky if you win or lose.

ME! :sunny: I love warriors, I could not get to u earlier bc I am still a beginner!!!

I havent gotten it yet but I had it had 1 heath left when i was using monster dogday

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so maybe use him!

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hii I love jayfeather too! I might not be able to respond as much because i am still a beginner

Legendary,Epic Or Mythics

I tried…

I Used a Mythic

You can use anything! You never know. Someone beat a FirewallFenrir with a common once!

I used Dapper Squid

Fr Crumble Crunch Almost did it

use baby mc grooty he caught multiple legendaries and helped me caught over 20 poke- i mean pa- bro-mons

Sorry! I didn’t see this!

I lost to geting it :frowning:

I got with mythic

me :grinning: burger turtle on top