Does bro-mon work for edge?

I downloaded it from chrome web store to edge. it downloaded, but I haven’t seen a bro-mon for like an hour of just searching and visiting websites

Hi! Yes, the Bro-Mon extension works on the Edge browser just like it does on Chrome, because both are based on Chromium.

After you install the Bro-Mon extension, you should be directed to a welcome page where you can catch your first monster. You can find Bro-Mons on many websites, but not on some specific pages like the Microsoft Addon Store or internal browser pages (like New Tab, Downloads, Settings, etc.).

We recommend using the Bro-Mon extension a little longer and paying close attention while you surf the web. With a bit more time, you’ll start seeing monsters and can begin to build your collection.

Please keep us updated on your progress after following these suggestions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!