Emoji Combos Riddles πŸŽ¬πŸ€”

In this game, players take turns sending emoji combos that encode the name of a movie, game, series, cartoon, or anime. Other players must then guess the answer based on the emoji combo riddle. :mag::man_detective:


  1. :face_with_monocle: The first player will send an emoji combo that encodes the name of a movie, game, series, cartoon, or anime. The player must not use any words or text in the message, only emojis. :shushing_face:

  2. :thinking: The other players must then guess the answer to the emoji riddle.

  3. :mantelpiece_clock: If no player can guess the answer after a set amount of time, the first player can provide a clue or send another emoji combo to help the other players guess the answer. :shushing_face::mag:

  4. :arrows_counterclockwise: The game will continue with new players taking turns sending emoji combos and other players guessing the answers. :infinity:

  5. :no_entry_sign: Players must not use any external help or search engines to find the answer to the riddle. :x::mag:

  6. :busts_in_silhouette: Players must keep the content and discussion appropriate and respectful. :pray:

  7. :grin: Have fun and be creative with your emoji combos! :star_struck:


:alien::bike::full_moon: Can you guess this one?

P.S.That’s right, it’s β€œE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” :star2:

:star::crossed_swords:=star wars

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Ayy, I’m loving your emoji combo! It really nails the Star Wars title.

Just a quick tip, make sure you write it only like this:


That way, we can all have a blast trying to guess what’s hidden in your awesome emoji combo! :smile::tada:

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here is a riddle emoji combo from me:


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lion king


:tamale::taco::burrito:ill give you one hint its in may

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also you are probably the coolest person so i have a cursor idea a naruto cursor

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The Three Amigos

Here are my new emoji combo puzzles:

  1. :european_castle::fire::robot::athletic_shoe:

  2. :lab_coat::older_man::microscope::boy::green_circle::gun:

  3. :pirate_flag::meat_on_bone::world_map::womans_hat:

Who can guess?