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Must have over 50 followers on scratch to join


what if I have a game on steam with 1k plays?

I have 70 followers on Scratch

I still need my answer on my steam game, steam is far better just saying

I have 128 followers
all my friends mainly lolo

what is ur game on steam called?

it WAS called beyond the door of realms PvP, but I got taken down for some God forsaken reason and apparently if you search it up on google you find a… book, like wth, I swear at this point im being trolled. But I still have my game releasing 2030!

Unless that one gets taken down before it releases :roll_eyes:

oh and please don’t ask about how I got “Beyond theDoor of Realms PvP” as a name, I think I was drunk but too lazy to fix it.
oh, now I don’t find the book when I search it up……….


actually my last statemant is no wrong its now 312