Glitch on StegoSnack crush change [Fixed!]

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Glitch Alert

Recently, @sweezy changed the rarity/crush of the Bro-Mon StegoSnack, but recently I noticed that when you hover over the rarity of the StegoSnack it has the stats of an uncommon. Here are some images demonstrating this glitch.


To make the “Gif” bigger, open it in a new tab and zoom in

I hope @sweezy can resolve this bug as quickly as possible, as I don’t know if these stats are affecting bro-mon battles

oh, blz sophi

Vou ajeitar o tamanho do vídeo

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tem zap zap sophia?

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Tenho mas não vou falar sinto muito
Podemos conversar pelas mensagens da sweezy community

entendo kkk

blz, de buenas

Podemos conversar pelas mensagens da sweezy community

sim, pode ser


That’s a very interesting observation. Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve already informed our developer, and he’ll look into why this happened.

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In the upcoming version, which should be published soon, we’ve addressed this issue. Once again, thank you for your impeccable attention to detail. And a big thanks from StegoSnack for believing in his skills and strength!

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Thanks, @sweezy !! Im very grateful :smiley:
I love StegoSnack it is one of my favorites Bro-Mon, so i can’t let this bug :wink:

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Hey, now StegoSnack have the stats of an epic! Thank you so much @sweezy

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