Godzila bromon op 100 hp

lets make godzila a bro mon and make it a godly level and make

That’s a fun idea, though Godzilla being unbeatable with that level of health could be a real challenge!

Perhaps as we further develop our battle mechanics and other gameplay features, we could pull off such a feat where players would indeed have a chance to defeat this super monster through strategic thinking. It’s definitely an interesting concept to keep in mind for future updates!

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I love godzilla

so if you find Godzilla can you make it that we can use 2 bro-mons?

I think it should be a riad boss and only a chance to catch

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Yeah, that’s how it might work

if you add Godzilla you may need to add king Kong or the other titans and alphas to bro-mon to make it more difficult

Like add Rodan and mothra if Godzilla were to fight lets say king Ghidorah

Maybe like a raid battle there could be tournaments and then if you beat it with your bro-mons you have a dedicated spot for boss raid bro-mons to go?