Guess Who I Snagged on the Streets? BroMon Toy! 🧸

Hey Bro-Mon squad, peep who I snagged in real life!

I can’t wait to buy the plushie! Can you please sell this on amazon?

It’s so cute too!

Can you please make this limited addition and can you please sell one to me I really want one :smiley:

Thanks! Glad you like it! :blush: We’re still testing it out.

But if people here are into it, we’ll definitely consider a limited edition batch just for you all! Stay tuned!

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Sure :smiley: can u make like an og limited edition from this prototype? thx :smiley:

Looks amazing!

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I just realized bro-mon has back legs. I thought we was like kirby but instead of arms he as more legs

@sweezy can you please sell this on amazon and send me the link? Thanks!

cool :sunglasses:


whats the price

like $30

na like 20$

Since bro Mon toy looks cool I will even pay $50

not trying to be pay 2 win but and idea for more sales could be an ingame reward gained when buying it such as a title? a secret bro mon or etc.

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I said that


from what ive seen youve only discussed about its price