Happy Tree Friends Cursors

Hello! I have been using sweezy cursor for about a year now and I think it works well! May I request that you add in more cursors for Happy Tree Friends? So far there is Cuddles, Giggles, and Nutty. Thanks!

:tada::chipmunk: "Yo, HTF crew!

Time to add some friendly chaos to your screen with our new animated Flaky cursor:

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Thank you for all the work you do <33

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Hi :smile:

Hey :wave:

request from myuni

I feel like Flippy is kind of a fan-favorite-- it would be fun to have a cursor that switches between his normal self and his flipped-out self :> I also have a request from a friend on the htf subreddit who would give me kudos for a Lifty cursor lol

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awe petunia is best girl! woohoo :>

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this show is actually kinda disturbing